Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Why am I a comic book man?

Well, I'm a geek when it comes to a lot of other franchises and mediums, but my big thing is probably comics, especially anything by Marvel. I'm a pretty darn big fan. And the funny thing is, I didn't actually realize how much of a fan I was until I met Stan Lee in person at Dallas Comic-Con last year. A lot of my life and some of the ridiculous things I've daydreamed have been either directly or indirectly influenced by a lot of things that either Marvel or DC (but mostly Marvel) have done.

Let me start off by telling you something about me. While I do have friends, I've been a loner for most of my life. I do occasionally socialize, but they say no man is an island. I'm pretty damn close to one. Furthermore, I've always considered myself to be a social outcast, especially in middle school. You know who else are outcasts? Pretty much most characters in the Marvel Universe. Well at least all the ones that I can rightfully say I relate to. Wolverine, Punisher, Deadpool, the X-men and to a certain degree, Spider-Man. In particular, I always identified with Wolverine and the X-men from an early age. Wolverine just looked cooler than everyone else. Then when I watched the movies and started actually reading the comics (which I've just completed the 1963-2005 run recently), and I realized...this is me. Well, I don't have adamantium claws and a healing factor (though I sure as shit wish I did), but throughout my life, especially in college, I've had a somewhat hard time fitting in. When I did find groups, I've usually been that one guy who seems intimidating and scary that no one seems to trust. Then again, that's the same way the rest of the Marvel Universe feels about the Punisher as well. See why I relate to these characters? The big thing is, I am and always will be something of an outsider, and comic books show me not only is that OK, it's also BADASS.

Then there's the whole thing about how everyone in comics is ridiculously jacked. I work out pretty frequently, and I'm a pretty regular krav maga practitioner. Sometimes, I feel lazy just like anyone else. Trust me, if I could go my entire life sitting in front of my computer or PS3 I would. But you know what, I want to have a body like Wolverine dammit! I also don't want to be a wuss that can't defend himself with his bare hands if it came down to it (and I have a CHL). The point is, whenever I get lazy I just think of how badass most of my favorite heroes are. Then I stop being a little bitch and embrace the suck, just like Wolverine when he got his adamantium (twice).

That seems a bit shallow, but it's true. Also, yes, this is going to sound really corny, but reading comics, just this theme of good vs. evil has actually given me a sense of justice and morality that I probably might not have had if I hadn't taken the time to read. I know that there is evil in the world. Of course, there are extremes. You can be like Batman and have a sense of honor and not kill anyone, which I kind of respect. Then there's the Punisher, who kills people because they deserve it. In today's world, I've been around throughout many unspeakable acts of evil. Columbine, Virginia Tech, Aurora, 9/11, Sandy Hook. After those, all I wanted was for the perpetrators to be brought to justice. Hell, sometimes I'd like to have caught those people myself. Some people tell you that life isn't in black and white. Sometimes that's not true. In fact sometimes it's complete bullshit. There's evil and then there's good. There are people who hurt people and those who sit and take it. Then there are the ones who do something about it or at least try to. I try to fall into the third category. It often seems in today's world that people are not worthy of anything, least of all protection. Eh, but that's what heroes are for. They just help out whenever and try not to ask for anything in return. Whether it's a soldier fighting for his or her country or pee wee little me helping someone out with a paper or some other petty menial task, you just do it because it's the right thing to do. We help people regardless of whether they deserve it or not. Unless you're a welfare mooch. Then get off your ass and help yourself.

So yeah, there you have it.

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