Friday, September 28, 2012

Comic book movies I'd like to see (Part 2)

It's no big secret that I'm a Marvel guy so this installment will feature more titles that aren't Marvel (and yes, manga count as comic books).

1. Old Man Logan: Okay, I won't lie to you. This is probably my favorite stand-alone miniseries that
Marvel's ever done. The storytelling, just the way it brought the MU together in a dystopic alternate future was so...perfect. It's fairly new having been released in 2009, but I think as time goes on, Old Man Logan will stand as Marvel's answer to The Dark Knight Returns. It probably shouldn't get made for a while because of all the other shit Marvel's trying to get made into film, but when it does, I do think that a Hugh Jackman in his 50s-60s would still be a perfect choice. No, really. I can't see anyone else playing Wolverine.

2. Civil War: One of my friends actually pointed this idea out to me. He told me that all this Marvel Cinematic Universe Shit was rumored to be leading up to Civil War. I don't know how Avengers 2 will play out, but I wouldn't be surprised. But damn, that would be fucking brilliant if it all led up to that. A feud between Cap and Iron Man. Only Mark Millar (who also wrote Old Man Logan) could think up such brilliance and it would probably make a killing if it does get made like 10-15 years from now.

3. Age of Reptiles: I've been a dinosaur freak ever since I was about 4. Ricardo Delgado's wordless prehistoric epic. This would be absolutely brilliant as a movie. It could be just so beautifully done and could be what Disney's Dinosaur completely failed to be when Michael Eisner in his infinite wisdom decided to make the characters fucking talk. Oh it's also really violent so maybe it'll appeal to an older crowd as well and show people that the Mesozoic Era was not exactly Barney.

4. Ronin: I haven't read it yet, but it was Samurai Jack was based off it so that must mean it'd make a pretty fucking awesome movie.

5. Lone Wolf and Cub: There have been several live-action Japanese adaptations, but a modern one with modern special effects done with a similar style to movies like 13 Assassins would possibly be the most badass movie of all time. I could see Tadanobu Asano as Ogami Itto.

6. Vagabond: I have a thing for Edo Japan. A series of movies done with modern special effects about Miyamoto Musashi would be absolutely awesome considering that he's easily one of the most badass real men who has ever walked the face of the earth. Oh and they need to finish up that series with a duel with Sasaki Kojiro that they conspicuously left out.

7. Planet Hulk/World War Hulk: I'm adding this in late because I forgot about it. Hulk is a character who has yet to have a solo movie that is, well, spectacular, but I think this could be it. Of course, like Civil War and Old Man Logan, this would have to come after the Avengers 2. This is easily Hulk's best story arc. It's only fitting that it gets made into a big budget movie, even if that animated adaptation was pretty good.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Comic book movies I'd like to see

With next year's release of The Wolverine and the 2014 release of X-Men: Days of Future Past along with anything the Marvel Cinematic Universe churns out, I'm pretty excited for the future of comic book movies. However, here are a few I'd like to see made.

1. Deadpool & Cable: Possibly my favorite team-up from the Marvel Universe (MU), this would make for a great action/comedy flick a la Lethal Weapon with the two leads and their constant quarrels. Ryan Reynolds is already known universally as the go-to-guy for Deadpool because of that Wolverine movie and the Deadpool movie they're working on (right?), but Steven Lang would be absolutely perfect for Cable. Hell, Colonel Quaritch even looks like the guy, especially in the Deadpool MAX series.

2. Black Lagoon: Yes, manga counts as comics. I first watched it as an anime before I got into the original manga and it simply just kicked ass. The fact that the chick in it was really fucking hot definitely enhanced the overall experience. I can't say I can name actors, especially since this would probably be made in Japan, but if they could bring in Michael Davis, the director of Shoot 'Em Up, this could be a near-perfect action flick with the right casting.

3. Spawn reboot: Simply put, while Michael Jai White is the perfect man to play Al Simmons, the first movie just didn't do this 90s classic justice. It was PG-13 for starters, and just wasn't dark enough. In fact, it was kind of cartoony and light-hearted, which anyone who's even read Spawn lightly knows the series isn't. A reboot probably wouldn't do too well at the box office initially, but I can see it becoming a cult hit and probably getting better reviews than its predecessor if done properly.

4. Venom spinoff: Dammit, they just need to get their shit together and make this already. They need a better Eddie Brock, someone about twice the size of Topher Grace. I hate to say it, but if Paul Walker put on a lot of muscle, like what Christian Bale did for Batman, he might pull it off. I just say him because I can't think of anyone else who actually resembles Brock from the comics.

5. Sgt. Rock: Another one that's been in the works for a while, based off a Silver Age character whose exploits almost motivated me to join the Army after high school and were the basis of many daydreams when I was 16. Can't really name a suitable actor, maybe William Fitchner because of all the military-based things he's done.

6. Punisher reboot with Thomas Jane: I don't give a shit what you think. Thomas Jane was (though maybe not by much) the better Punisher. He actually made the character seem more believable as opposed to Ray Stevenson's Terminator-like portrayal. Maybe if the potential reboot combined the hard-hitting, unapologetically violence and action of War Zone with the plot and character development of the 2004 film, it would be better?

That's all, folks.